Wet Bags - Double pocket wet bags

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Worried about how to store your cloth nappies or reusable sanitary products when out and about? All you need is a wet bag. 

The ‘out-and-about’ wet bag collection is the wet bag of dreams!

A 2-in-1 function allows less time preparing for days out and more important time playing!

The double pockets allow you one pocket for clean wipes and the other side for used nappies. 

Our wet bags also come with 2 straps meaning you can snap them around the handle bar of your stroller or pram OR snap across to make a handle and carry like a carrier bag!

Our wet bags have an endless list of uses, they aren’t just for nappies! They are great for swimming kits, days to the park, spare clothing, snacks the list goes on!

  • Size: 30*40cm
  • Double Straps
  • Double Zip for 2 Pockets 
  • Water-Resistant