Suki Tea - Sencha Green Tea (Bag)

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Sencha translates as steamed and is a very traditional technique of keeping the flavour packed in the tea. Unlike roasting which brings other characteristics this is a light and fresh cup.

About this product
This Green Tea Sencha is a staple green tea for everyday use, an all day tea that can be brewed up to 4 times. This is a smooth gentle fragrant tea if brewed for 3 minutes. A deeper flavour if brewed for longer.Traditionally a Japanese way to processing tea the Chinese took the method and made it their own. Bursting with antioxidants (the stay healthy and young ones) this is a must for every kitchen cupboard. Green tea sencha works wonderfully with seafood, salads, or chicken.

Organic Chinese green tea.

Pyramids: The loose leaf tea and infusions are packed in compostable pyramids. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Bag: The inner bag may look plastic but are actually made from a clever film that's commercially compostable. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Box: The box is made from sustainably sourced cardboard and printed using vegetable-based inks. Dispose of in your recycling bin.