Leave No Trace Organic Hemp Makeup Pads with Pouch - Polka Dot

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Zero waste cleansing wipes.
8x hemp and cotton pads with wash bag.

These 3 ply brushed hemp makeup remover wipes are a perfect replacement for cotton wool. Super soft, absorbent and robust, they will last for ages. Good for planet and your pocket.
Made from 70% hemp and 30% cotton with an unbleached cotton thread used to overlock the 3 layers together they measure 8.2cm and come in packs of 8 or 12.

They come with a patterned wash bag to keep them together in the machine and also make them easy to take with you.

The wash bag is made from 100% printed cotton and sewn using an unbleached cotton thread.
The drawstring cord is made from recycled cotton meaning the entire product is plastic free and may be composted in an industrial composter at the end of its life.

Please note the cotton wash bag is not organic.

These pads are not stain resistant nor are they suitable for removing nail varnish.

They may be washed with your usual load. They should be washed in the bag to prevent loss in the machine.
Some shrinkage may occur after the first wash, however this will be minimal when washed at 30 degrees.

If using them for removing heavy makeup they should be rinsed using soap and water immediately after each use to prevent staining build up.

Absorbency increases with each wash and tumble drying helps retain softness. They should be washed before first use.