Mini Seaweed Soap by Deborah Neill

Mini Seaweed Soap by Deborah Neill

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Handmade in Doneghadee by Deborah Neill. 

Revitalising Seaweed Therapy 30g

Made using local Dulce Seaweed collected on the County Down coast. Packed full of minerals, rich oils and butters with uplifting scents of Cypress and Rosemary – a soap to remind you of walking along the beach with the smell of salty air!


•  Rapeseed  Oil, Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
•  Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter

•  Water
•  Glycerin
•  Cypress & Lavender Essential Oils
•  Petitgrain & Rosemary Essential Oils
•  Dulse Seaweed

Skin Benefits

•  Gentle Cleansing
•  Moisturising
•  Hydrating
•  Revitalising
•  Softening
•  Soothing


•  Body Wash
•  Shampoo
•  Uplift the mind:
– inhale the aroma for a count of 5
– exhale slowly for a count of 8
– repeat several times

Seaweed soap makes a super shampoo for normal to oily hair leaving it fresh and bouncy. Wet hair under running water, lather with soap bar and rinse – no need for conditioner!