&Sisters Organic Cotton Tampon Set

&Sisters Organic Cotton Tampon Set

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Organic Cotton Tampon with Applicator Set

Perfect for light to heavy flow days
Our mixed duo pack (x16) contains 8 light, 8 medium eco-app tampon.

The cotton tampon are 100% pure, natural and made from organic cotton from the core and thread. Above all, you deserve a natural and ethical period tampon that continues to move in the direction of sustainably sourced, recyclable and biodegradable produce, all while looking after our planet.


100% organic cotton core & thread.

Absolutely zero synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or perfumes.

Unscented, hypoallergenic: pH neutral for sensitive skin.

Contour Fit ™ design for all-round expansion, maximum absorbency & leak-free protection.

Protective veil prevents fibre shedding inside the body.

Plastic-free biodegradable applicator for easy insertion.

100% recyclable paper outer wrapping.