Mini Spa Soap by Deborah Neill

Mini Spa Soap by Deborah Neill

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Handmade in Doneghadee, Northern Ireland by Deborah Neill. 


Indulge, unwind and re-charge with luxurious Spa Soap.  Let the fragrances of Neroli, Geranium and Lavender relax your mind, whilst the rich oils and butters deeply rejuvenate your skin.


•  Rapeseed, Coconut &  Castor Oils
•  Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter
•  Glycerin
•  Water
•  Neroli & Lavender Essential Oils
•  Geranium & Rosemary Essential Oils

Skin Benefits

•  Hydration
•  Moisturisation
•  Nourishment
•  Rejuvenation
•  Softening
•  Relaxation


•  Face Wash (avoid the eyes)
•  Body Wash
•  Shampoo Bar – Wet hair, lather with soap, rinse well avoiding eyes
•De-Stress the mind:
– inhale the aroma for a count of 5
– exhale slowly for a count of 8
– repeat several times

The Essential Facial Cleanse Routine

·  Wet Skin

·  Lather soap between palms

·  Apply to skin working upwards and outwards, (avoid eyes)

·  Breathe in the relaxing scent

·  Rinse with warm water