ZWP Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar

ZWP Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar

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Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar

This wonderful unscented shampoo bar has delicate moisturising properties thanks to the abundant aloe vera juice, which was used instead of distilled water in the lye solution. Aloe vera is great at moisturising hair without weighting them down, it therefore works best on normal to dry hair types.

Properties Olive oil: Highly moisturising and hydrating, highly penetrable, does not clog pores Aloe Vera juice: Gently hydrating without weighing the hair down or leaving them oily! Coconut oil: Moisturising, it penetrates well into hair follicles, reduces inflammation and is antioxidant Sweet almond oil: Nourishing, particularly good for dry itching skin Castor oil: Highly moisturising, helps increase hair shine Shea butter: Highly nourishing and moisturising, perfect for extremely dry skin Glycerin: Naturally occurring in soap-like shampoo bars, as it is a byproduct of saponification, it has great moisturising properties 5% superfat: 5% of the oils contained in this shampoo bar are unsaponified, making it extra moisturising.

Please keep this soap on a soap dish and let it dry evenly to make it last longer.

Additional info Weight: ~100g

Electricity: This product was made using 100% renewable energy! Packaging: 100% recycled, unbleached paper glued with a plastic-free natural almond-based glue. Recyclable and/or compostable.   I am 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free!   Please note that because this product is handmade, therefore, slight variations in shape, colour, scent and weight may occur.