The Coffee Scrub - Another World Belfast

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The Coffee Scrub by Another World Belfast

If you've been following our journey for a while now you will know that we ADORE this coffee scrub.

It's all natural and handmade using fair trade coffee, sea salt, almond & olive oil blended with lemongrass and sweet orange essential oils.

This scrub contains the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients, including both Almond and Olive oil, to provide a deep hydration yet leave a light finish, it has wonderful cleansing and ph balancing properties from the mineral-rich Sea Salts, and the most magic ingredient of all, the fresh, fair trade coffee, stimulates the blood flow of the skin, promoting a smooth and an even condition. It altogether leaves your skin beautifully exfoliated as well as hydrated. Perfect for year round natural skin care; soothing tired winter skin, as a pre spray tan prep, or post beach polish.

We have teamed up with Another World Belfast to bring back their biodegradable pouches made from mushroom protein to package this beautiful scrub. We absolutely love supporting these guys who do truly amazing work helping the most vulnerable people across Northern Ireland.

Another World Belfast is an activist led social enterprise (CIC) that makes sustainable products such as this coffee scrub in order to fund their outreach programme called The Love Pack. Another World Belfast have established The Love Pack to work similar to a food bank, except The Love Pack collects much needed donations of toiletries and underwear which are distributed by Another World Belfast to those who need it most including homeless and vulnerable people.

Another World Belfast are a non-profit organisation. Shop their products to help these guys survive and fund their amazing work.

You can check out their website to learn more about The Love Pack and Another World Belfast's amazing work:

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