Suki Tea - Belfast Brew (Bag)

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This Irish Breakfast Tea, a black tea and a Suki Tea signature blend - an everyday cuppa - Suki has blended two of the best quality whole leaf - 90% Assam for a Malty and full flavoured cup. If you have had a cup of Breakfast tea at a café in Northern Ireland that sells Suki Tea 9 times out of 10 it would be this one. A Northern Irish Staple.

About this product
Tanzania and Assam are the source for this Irish Breakfast Tea Blend, here there are machines that roll the tea to turn it from a leaf shape to a twizzled smaller leaf that can then be dried. These machines were all made in Belfast in the 1950's by Sirocco works, a leading manufacturer of tea equipment. Engineered in Belfast, a strong, full of flavour brew.

Indian Assam and East African black tea.

Pyramids: The loose leaf tea and infusions are packed in compostable pyramids. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Bag: The inner bag may look plastic but are actually made from a clever film that's commercially compostable. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Box: The box is made from sustainably sourced cardboard and printed using vegetable-based inks. Dispose of in your recycling bin.