Lilah Pad Medium flow - Blk/Pur

Lilah Pad Medium flow - Blk/Pur

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Handmade in Scotland!

LilahPad Medium flow is a regular pad.

Lilahpads are a great way to reduce the amount of feminine hygiene products ending up in landfill. Your period shouldn't cost the earth. These soft pads are much more comfortable and kind to your body, the planet, and your bank balance as they are reusable! Plus they are just gorgeous - here's to prettier periods!!   These pads will become softer and more absorbent the more you wash them.   
Medium Flow LilahPad is 7.5cm wide (when fastened) and 23.5cm long.  

Materials used
  • Top layer (the one touching your skin) is made from soft organic unbleached and undyed cotton flannel (GOTS) certified.
  • The bottom layers (which is touching your undies) is 100% cotton.
  • There is one soaker in the middle which is Zorb II, 
  • An extra layer of organic bamboo fleece is there as well.
Quantity = 1 pad