Mini Teen Soap by Deborah Neill

Mini Teen Soap by Deborah Neill

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Handmade in Doneghadee by Deborah Neill. 


Banish the Blemish!

Easy cleansing with no chemical nasties. Gentle exfoliation from milled oats and Sweet Orange & Tea Tree to purify blemishes and brighten.


•  Rapeseed, Castor & Coconut Oils
•  Shea Butter
•  Water
•  Glycerine
•  Milled Oats
•  Sweet Orange, Rosemary & Tea Tree Essential Oils


•  Gentle cleansing
•  Mild exfoliation
•  Purifying
•  Moisturising
•  Hydrating
•  Brightening the complexion


•  Facial Cleanser (avoid eyes)
•  Body Wash
•  Hand Wash
•  Shampoo
•  Shave Soap

The secret to teen soap - Coconut Oil – this soap superhero is added as the oil helps to remove dirt and dead cells, the nutrients will moisturise and its even anti-microbial – when we’re not making soap we use it to cook with!