Suki Tea - Apple Loves Mint (Bag)

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Apple Loves Mint fruit tea is inspired by a bag of sweets. A beautiful tea on the eye, complete with rose buds (so cute). This mint tea has Apple and playful papaya sweetness, a subtle hint of rose blossom, then mint finish. Caffeine Free & a well known favourite at Suki HQ!

About this product
This fruit tea seems to get people very excited and quite rightly so. A little bag of hidden gems. The baby rose buds and papaya chunks could almost be mistaken for jewels. A layered flavour of sweet apple and papaya, followed by a subtle rose hint and finally fresh mint. Visually stunning and a proper treat to drink, a Great Taste Award Winner this herbal infusion was award the top accolade of 3 Stars and listed in the Top 50 foods in the UK.

Apple pieces, papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), rose buds, mint leaves, flavouring, acidifier: tartaric acid

Pyramids: The loose leaf tea and infusions are packed in compostable pyramids. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Bag: The inner bag may look plastic but are actually made from a clever film that's commercially compostable. Dispose of in your food waste bin.
Box: The box is made from sustainably sourced cardboard and printed using vegetable-based inks. Dispose of in your recycling bin.