About Us

Meet the Earth Made Family

Our names are Debra & Scott, husband and wife living in County Down, Northern Ireland with our Cocker Spaniel named Rosie and our newest arrival...our baby boy Jesse.
Earth Made was born out of sheer frustration with the amount of single use plastic packaging, and the lack of alternatives in Northern Ireland. We got so fed up, we thought someone needs to step up and do something, so that's what we did!
We still have our 'day jobs' where Debra works as an Environmental Consultant in the Contaminated Land industry, and Scott works as an Aerospace Engineer for a leading manufacturer based in Belfast.

How Earth Made began

We have always segregated our waste and actively recycled, however, with our heads often down and busy being stuck in the rat race we failed to fully understand the extent of our plastic footprint. After stumbling across a very harrowing image by National Geographic of a sea horse clinging on to a plastic cotton bud, we knew we had to take action, and we had to do it now!
We started to try and reduce our consumption of single use plastics in our home and in our day to day life. Whilst some items were super easy to replace when shopping, others were a challenge as we were restricted for alternatives here in Northern Ireland.
Reducing plastic was just the beginning for us. We soon started paying more attention to the source of the products we were buying, the chemical ingredients, and how ethically they were produced.
Friends and family were so intrigued at what we were doing that the word spread. With so many people here in Northern Ireland wanting to make sustainable switches but feeling as though they don't know where to start, we wanted to try our best to help...hence, Earth Made was born.